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Featured XB1 F1 Classic Leagues On F1 2017

Discussion in 'F1 2017 League Sign Up and Information' started by PureHamiltonXD, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    As you can see by the title as F1 2017 gets closer we can start telling your our plans for Classic Leagues.
    Remember that these can change, so if there are differences that's why.

    The plan at this current time is every single race will be in a different car, but you still will have a team mate and a team. Here's the interesting part you will be able to choose your own team name between yourselves which will be carried throughout the season. The 1988 McLaren will not be used at the current time as it is not guaranteed that everyone has the car.

    The length of the season and track selection will be decided in due course.
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  2. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

  3. The Game IX

    The Game IX Member

    Me and maccie #Golden Oldies
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  4. XRL Boberts

    XRL Boberts Former F1 Division Champion Division Head

  5. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

    If its classic cars, would it be using classic points too ?!
  6. nutt3rs91

    nutt3rs91 Active Member

    Classics was always so much fun before, This will be a good division to be in!
  7. Sam Fairbairn

    Sam Fairbairn New Member

  8. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

    I'll bite. Is this ever going to happen, if I offer to co-ordinate it ?
  9. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

    Anyone still interested ?

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