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Featured XB1 F1 F1 2017 Sign Up Thread & Information

Discussion in 'F1 2017 League Sign Up and Information' started by PureHamiltonXD, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    Right so for the next season there will be a couple changes and especially what's changed is the line-up which is as follows:
    @aZar ReactionZ (The Amazement)
    @Brandon Roose

    As it stands the headline acts will be me Joe (Azar) and Brandon and Jordan (Jorc94) will be a bit more in the background. Regarding if you need more info just message me or Joe :D As you see these are going out earlier than usual so if certain things aren't available straight away you know why.

    Welcome to the new sign up thread for F1 2017. Please make sure you have read the important information on joining the league HERE. (Once Posted Will Be Linked)

    League Rules:

    Our racing rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the leagues. As an XRL driver, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules at all times. In short, this means no contact and no corner cutting. We also expect that you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

    When you are part of the XRL F1 2017 Leagues you are issued with an XRL Racing licence. Your licence works as a regular driving licence with bad behaviour on and off track resulting in points added to the licence. Reach 12 points and your position is under review in the league. More details of this in the Rules and Regulations thread. They will most likely be slight rule changes but not to major so it shouldn’t worry you too much.

    When they are available it’s important that you read and understand the full content of the rules. By signing up to our leagues, you agree to abide by all of our rules, and we expect all drivers to be aware of these before entering.

    F1 2017 Rules and Regulations

    Who can sign up?

    Any drivers who have not previously been banned from the leagues are free to sign up. Drivers who have previously raced in our leagues will be prioritised, but we will try to fit in as many new drivers as we can as well. Please note all drivers (New or Old) will have to be tested so no one has a divine right to race in these league. It has to be earned.

    You should only sign up for the leagues if;

    ● You intend to complete the full season.

    ● You are able to race regularly on the set race day.

    ● You intend to be active on the forum.

    ● You are a clean, fair and mature racer.

    Sign-Up Template:

    Sign up by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields.

    ● Gamertag: [Enter your Gamertag here]

    ● Twitter: E.g. @LeagueXRL (Optional)

    ● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]

    ● Device (wheel or pad)

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience:

    ● Assists (Enter any assists you are planning to use)

    ● Ping m(s): (Go to www,speedtest.net and test to Coventry server)

    Regarding assists when the game is released and if you have changed your assist preference just quote your sign up and say which assists you now are using.

    Sign-up List:

    Drivers who have signed up to Season 13 of the XRL F1 Leagues on F1 2017 are listed below:

    Forum Username - Xbox GT

    @PureHamiltonXD - PureHamiltonXD
    @Crazyfish1234 - Crazyfish1234
    @Jorc94 - Jorc94
    @Im an eagle69 - Im an eagle69
    @XRL Boberts - XRL Boberts (Bottlejob)
    @Nicole - x N i c o l e x
    @matty1024 - K77Matt
    @m4cc13 - M4ccie
    @The Game IX - WRL Hamilton
    @mrnobody15412 - Its Petronas
    @Glazed - GlazedGater
    @garyalbone - GaryAlbone1990
    @fifa boy09 - fifa boy09
    @Outgoingharp931 - XRL Mansell92
    @DRLJames50 - JamesybearX1
    @bluegunner - IrishBluegunner
    @CuFc_x_Euan - CuFc x Euan
    @Craig Senna - Craig Senna
    @jason dennison - Drivenkarma10
    @Brandon Roose - sF Brandy
    @VXR Kiyonari - Shoei
    @CRT Malta - CRT XVII Malta
    @JordanMcGonigal - JordanMcGonigal
    @Connah K - Connah K
    @Sean Thomson - SeanBean22
    @joerocks123 - ILR Aero
    @TuftyCandy - TuftyCandy
    @speed demon8021 - Speed demon8021
    @adamlee1994 - Adamlee1994 (AdaaamLeee x)
    @Anonanomaly - Anonanimal54
    @Kazjo Steam - Kazjo Steam
    @XRL Button - I YA DATTY
    @Beau Dixon - TUBE Animal
    @Gravity - F1Gravity
    @l Riccardo XV l - l Riccardo XV l
    @mustafashag - Mustafashag
    @whitey2924 - Eyezthebest
    @speedfreak106 - Speedfreak106
    @Dazza1976 - Dazza1976
    @Vendetta - Vendetta NL
    @Itscustard8 - Itscustard8
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  2. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    ● Gamertag: PureHamiltonXD

    ● Nationality: British, More Cornish Than That Pasty

    ● Device: Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: Season 8 & Beyond

    ● Assists: Line Corners Only

    ● Ping m(s): ping.png
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  3. Crazyfish1234

    Crazyfish1234 F1 2014 Season 10 League Co-ordinator/Head Steward Staff Member Head Steward F1

    ● Gamertag: crazyfish1234

    ● Nationality: Irish

    ● Device: Wheel

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: Since Season 4/5

    ● Assists: Full reaction, ABS

    ● Ping m(s): TBC
  4. Jorc94

    Jorc94 XRL Media Director and S11 F1 Champion XRL Content Manager

    ● Gamertag: Jorc94
    ● Nationality: Northern English
    ● Device: Pad
    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: S11 Champion ;), S12 F1 Division
    ● Assists: None
    ● Ping m(s): 25ms
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  5. Im an eagle69

    Im an eagle69 Member

    ● Gamertag: im an eagle69

    ● Nationality: England

    ● Device: Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: s11 GP3, s12 F2

    ● Assists: cornering line (might change in 2017)

    ● Ping m(s): will complete later when I'm available to do it
  6. XRL Boberts

    XRL Boberts Former F1 Division Champion Division Head

    ● Gamertag: XRL Boberts

    ● Nationality: English

    ● Device: Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: Season 5 onwards, yes I've been here that long :eek: F1 Season 8 Champion, multiple race winner and Bottle-Job Champion :mad:

    ● Assists: None

    ● Ping m(s): Will do it nearer the time
  7. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    ● Gamertag: x N i c o I e x

    ● Nationality: Welsh

    ● Device Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: Season 7 onwards.

    ● Assists Cornering line

    ● Ping m(s): Ping 23, Download 39mbs, upload 12mbs
  8. XRL Cornish

    XRL Cornish Williams Team Principal F1 Team Principal

    Nice to see I've still got the place as the orginal ;p haha
  9. matty1024

    matty1024 New Member

    Gamertag: K77Matt
    Nationality: English
    Device: Wheel
    Previous XRL Experience: Since the end of Season 8
    Assists: medium traction, racing line corners only
    Ping m(s): 19ms download:46.92 Mbps upload:14.90Mbps
  10. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

    Gamertag: [M4ccie]

    ● Twitter: E.g. @NotFakeMAtthew

    ● Nationality: English

    ● Device : Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: Part of S11, Completed [Finished Every Race] S12 .

    ● Assists (MED Traction, ABS Off, Manual Gears,

    ● Ping m(s): Will do it Closer to time.
  11. IFRL Michaels

    IFRL Michaels Member

    Gamertag - Br Mr Michaels

    Nationality - british

    Device - pad for now but may use the wheel if the new game is ok for me

    Previous xrl experience - i think season 6 onwards... f4.gp3 gp2 occasional f1 apearences. Tier 6 commentator. F4 commentator etc

    Assists used - full traction. Abs off. Manual gears. CO racing line (this may change)

    Ping - do closer to time
  12. The Game IX

    The Game IX Member

    Gamertag - WRL Hamilton it was Evo The Game but I'm going to use my second account for league racing purposes

    Nationality - British

    Device - Wheel

    Previous XRL experience - Season 11 onwards

    Assists - medium traction, corner line, and abs

    Ping - TBC
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
  13. mrnobody15412

    mrnobody15412 New Member

    Gamertag: It's petronas

    Nationality: British

    Device: Pad

    Previous XRL experience: Multiple season

    Assists: Full traction, corner line,abs and auto gears (but this may change)
  14. Glazed

    Glazed New Member

    ● Gamertag: GlazedGater

    ● Nationality: South African

    ● Device Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: half season in GP2

    ● Assists : racing line corners only and ABS

    ● Ping m(s): 12m/s
  15. garyalbone

    garyalbone Division Head Division Head

    Gamertag: Garyalbone1990

    ● Twitter: E.g. @LeagueXRL N/A

    ● Nationality:British

    ● Device PAD

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience:Many years still yet to win a race

    ● Assists meduim tc and racing line

    ● Ping m(s): 32ms download 11.32 upload 0.87
  16. fifa boy09

    fifa boy09 New Member

    ● Gamertag: fifa boy09

    ● Twitter: @bendyer2

    ● Nationality: British

    ● Device pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: none

    ● Assists: racing line (corners only), full traction control, ABS on

    ● Ping m(s): 51 ping, 4.71 download, 4.53 upload
  17. Outgoingharp931

    Outgoingharp931 New Member

  18. Outgoingharp931

    Outgoingharp931 New Member

    ● Gamertag: XRL Mansell92

    ● Twitter: @adamgoode

    ● Nationality: British

    ● Device Wheel/Pad

    ● Previous XRL F1 League Experience: VRL Racing, PPRL, XRL

    ● Assists Medium or none, Poss abs, corner only line
    • Ping m(s) 6.80 download 87 upload
  19. DRLJames50

    DRLJames50 New Member

    Gamertag: JamesybearX1
    Nationality: British
    Device: Pad
    Previous had no previous in XRL
    Assists: Racing line, full traction control manual gears

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