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Introduce Yourself Thread

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dan Fisk, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Stefan Mackley

    Stefan Mackley New Member

    No problem. Tomorrow night would be no good but Monday or Tuesday should be fine just as a heads up.
  2. Dan Fisk

    Dan Fisk Bernie and Ferrari Team Principal Staff Member Owner of XRL

    I have added you on xbox :)

    Have you done any tt laps anywhere?
  3. Im an eagle69

    Im an eagle69 Member

    ill be able to be there if you want button
  4. Stefan Mackley

    Stefan Mackley New Member

    I'm on the PS4 these days but my old Xbox tag is pretty much the same so that has probably caused the confusion. And yeah done a few tt laps but like I say that's for the PS4.
  5. XRL Button

    XRL Button Member

    Sure defo

    TUSZMUSZ New Member

    Hello everyone. My name is TUSZMUSZ. I come from Hungary middle of Europe. My first expression of racing was on Gran Turismo 4 on PS2. I was just 6-7 years old. Then i continued in GT 5 6 and i'll continue in GT Sport as well. But to take seriously ( racing in leagues) was just in September of 2015. I've played F1 games since 2012. I used to race every day but due to school stuffs i can't afford so ii'm stuck on 3 (maybe 4 ) leagues. PSGL AOR and my league, SRL with my friend. Somebody pm me so i joined. Hopefully i can race here. In F1 2015 i was incredibly fast but f1 2016 is way better and more realistic so i'm still learning the handling.
    That's all about me :)
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  7. Sweetmjp

    Sweetmjp New Member

    Hi everyone im Matt(sweetmjp) im frm uk .im excited about racing in XRL with everyone and have clean fair racing .I found out about this site frm it being posted to me and just love to race f1
  8. JR98 x

    JR98 x New Member

    Hey guys , I am JR98x and I am from Germany. I've been driving in different Leagues since F1 2011. Loving the Game and always trying to do my best. Also i am using The Thrustmaster TMX Wheel.
  9. michelangelo779

    michelangelo779 New Member

    Hello everyone. I am Michael and I race in 2 F1 2016 Leagues and I own ARL. I would like to join a F1 2016 league but I don't know when they race
  10. F1x SPEED

    F1x SPEED XRL Streamer Staff Member Project Cars Admin

    Hey are you planning on racing on Xbox One or PS4?

    Also what assists do you use?
  11. michelangelo779

    michelangelo779 New Member

    I'm racing on PS4 . I only use Medium Traction and nothing else. I'm on the wheel as well.
  12. michelangelo779

    michelangelo779 New Member

    I'm on PS4 and I'm using Medium TC and nothing else
  13. Glazed

    Glazed New Member


    I am a South African guy who loves racing of all forms, I have played every formula one game since 2000 and cant wait for 2017 to come with all the grip and power it should be fun:) I currently race whenever I have a chance.

    Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod
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  14. CameronB1905

    CameronB1905 New Member

    Where are you from? Scotland
    What's racing games do you play? F1
    Why did you join XRL? I wanted to start doing league racing on f1 as i was getting annoyed at being spun out at every corner online
    How did you find the site? i searched on google f1 2016 ps4 league racing and this site came up and i am interested in starting one of the leagues on this site.
    what platform do you play on? i play on the PS4
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  15. fifa boy09

    fifa boy09 New Member

    Hi, I'm Ben and i'm come from England, I play mostly formula one games, i joined because i wanted to have fun and be competitive whilst racing. I play on Xbox One, and yes I like to play fifa occasionally (Ipswich fan)
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  16. Dan Fisk

    Dan Fisk Bernie and Ferrari Team Principal Staff Member Owner of XRL

  17. JNR1982

    JNR1982 New Member

    Hi all.

    My name is Craig - I go by the Xbox username JNR1982

    I have only been playing F1 semi-seriously for a year now but am looking to push myself with a league which is why I joined XRL.

    I normally play Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri and some Saturdays.
    I found the site though Google after searching for an Xbox F1 league to join.

    Look forward to seeing you guys on the track! :)
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  18. I Pilske I

    I Pilske I New Member

    Hello all,

    My name is Carlo and my gamertag(xbox) is I Pilske I
    At the moment racing in WRL league 100% realistic cars but they will stop doing that from next Saturday, so was looking for a new league to race in, after contact with M4ccie decided to try this league.

    Im from the Netherlands, racing with med TC, abs on.
    Using a wheel.

    See you on track;)
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  19. Sam Fairbairn

    Sam Fairbairn New Member

    Hello All

    I'm Sam from Scotland and my GT (Xbox) is Xxsambox8X.
    In between leagues atm was racing in VRL and F1XL but have stopped for VRL and F1XL is on hold just now so looking for a league to carry on racing online to not become rusty with league racing.

    Using pad just now but once I get a racing seat or just seat in general I'll be using that a lot more.

    Look forward to racing some of you on track.

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