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PS4 F1 PS4 F1 2016 Sign Up information

Discussion in 'F1 2017 Sign Ups and information' started by Dan Fisk, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Dan Fisk

    Dan Fisk Bernie and Ferrari Team Principal Staff Member Owner of XRL

    Welcome to the new sign up thread for F1 2016 on PS4. Please make sure you have read the important information on joining the league HERE.

    League Rules:

    Our racing rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the leagues. As an XRL driver, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules at all times. In short, this means no contact and no corner cutting. We also expect that you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

    When you are part of the XRL F1 2016 Leagues you are issued with and XRL Racing licence. Your licence works as a regular driving licence with bad behavior on and off track resulting in points added to the licence. Reach 12 points and your position is under review in the league. More details of this in the Rules and Regulations thread.

    When they are available It's important that you read and understand the full content of the rules. By signing up to our leagues, you agree to abide by all of our rules, and we expect all drivers to be aware of these before entering.

    F1 2016 Rules and Regulations - PROVISIONAL

    Who can sign up?
    Any drivers who has not previously been banned from the leagues are free to sign up. Drivers who have previously raced in our leagues will be prioritised, but we will try to fit in as many new drivers as we can as well. Please note all drivers (New or Old) will have to be tested so no one has a divine right to race in these league. It has to be earned.

    You should only sign up to the leagues if;

    ● you intend to complete the full season.
    ● you are able to race regularly on the set race day.
    ● you intend to be active on the forum.
    ● you are a clean, fair and mature racer.

    Sign-Up Template:
    Sign up by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields.

    ● Gamertag: [Enter your gamertag here]
    ● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
    ● Device (wheel or pad)
    ● Previous XRL League Experience:
    ● Assists (Enter any assists you are going to use)
    ● Ping m(s): (Go to www,speedtest.net and test to Coventry server)
    ● Qualifying preference: [Single quali format or Q1,Q2,Q3]

    Sign-up List:
    Drivers who have signed up to Season 1 of the XRL PS4 F1 Leagues on F1 2016 are listed Below;

    Forum Username - PS4 ID
  2. weisda3

    weisda3 Member

    I posted on @sswishbone s page as well.

    ● Gamertag: weisda3
    ● Nationality: US
    ● Device: Wheel T300
    ● Previous XRL League Experience: Season 1 and 2 PS4 GT3 League
    ● Assists: None
    ● Ping m(s): I'll confirm not at home now
    ● Qualifying preference: Great question...if we did quali one day and the race another (i.e. q Sat and Race Sun), I would recommend the full knockout. Otherwise I would just do one session.
  3. PawlyDawg

    PawlyDawg New Member

    1. PawlyDawg
    2. Australian
    3. Wheel t300rs
    4. 2 seasons gt3 xrl ps4
    5. Nil
    6. 28ms
    7. Q1 Q2 Q3
  4. Mulla

    Mulla New Member

    ● Gamertag: Mulla1985
    ● Nationality: Irish
    ● Device: PS4
    ● Previous XRL League Experience: None
    ● Assists: Traction control
    ● Ping m(s): 58ms
    ● Qualifying preference: One session
  5. Robert Ramsay

    Robert Ramsay New Member

    Gamertag killer _ramsay
    T300 ps4
    Ps4 gt3 season 1
    No assists
    Full qualifying

    DIOGOPINTO121 New Member

    Gamertag- DIOGOPINTO121 Portuguese T300/PS4
    2 seasons in XRL (GT3)
    No assists
    Full qualifying
    I don't know my ping

    DIOGOPINTO121 New Member

    PS- I can only race at weekends including Friday after mid September .
  8. jamief430

    jamief430 PS4 F1 2016 Co-Ordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    All.im going to say is me obviously ;) guys please spread this. We want 22 cars on track :)
  9. Football67611

    Football67611 Member

    Gamer tag: Football67611
    T300/T3PA Pro/PS4
    No Assist
    Season 1 and 2 XRL GT3 PS4
    Full Qualifying
  10. BCOLLI187

    BCOLLI187 New Member

    Racing line but not essential
  11. Searmac

    Searmac New Member

    ● Gamertag: Searmac
    ● Nationality: English
    ● Device: G29
    ● Previous XRL League Experience: None
    ● Assists: Traction control (med) & racing line (but working towards being assist free )
    ● Ping m(s): 52ms
    ● Qualifying preference: either
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  12. Tyeriq

    Tyeriq New Member

    Nationality: English
    Device: Pad
    Previous XRL League Experience: Xrl f5000 xbox 360 2014/15
    Assists: Traction control full and racing line corners only
    Qualifying preference: don't mind
  13. Stefan Mackley

    Stefan Mackley New Member

    ● Gamertag: SPM_27
    ● Nationality: English
    ● Device: Pad
    ● Previous XRL League Experience: F1 2013 80s Champion
    ● Assists: No assists
    ● Qualifying preference: Single quali.
  14. Dan Fisk

    Dan Fisk Bernie and Ferrari Team Principal Staff Member Owner of XRL

    Hey PS4 members. Incase you did not know my name is Dan Fisk and I am the owner of the XRL Leagues. I own an xbox one and the F1 game which makes running a PS4 league very difficult, hence why it is slow off the ground. I have to rely on others who may not necessarily have the time to help. I have got one of our xbox members in @jondigweed to come over to PS4 and set up an F1 league after his holiday.

    In the meantime if you know anyone on a similar level to yourself then try and get them involved. It would be great to get you all racing soon.

    @Stefan Mackley @Tyeriq @Searmac @BCOLLI187 @Football67611 @jamief430 @Robert Ramsay @Mulla @weisda3 @sswishbone
  15. AMBastos

    AMBastos New Member

    ● Gamertag: xDannyy420
    ● Nationality: Portuguese
    ● Device: Wheel
    ● Previous XRL League Experience: None
    ● Assists Mid traction control or none, raceline if allowed
    ● Ping m(s): 241ms
    ● Qualifying preference: Q3
  16. weisda3

    weisda3 Member

    Dan, you may want to confirm but I think @DIOGOPINTO121 is interested as well.

    When are we looking to get started? I know @sswishbone was wanting to wait until after the GT3 championship.
  17. AMBastos

    AMBastos New Member

    Hello Weisda3 !

    What kind of confirmation do you need? I'm in !

    Thanks and regards, Danny.
  18. sswishbone

    sswishbone F1 2016 PS4 League Co-ordinator

    It will be post Project Cars GT league as it isn't fair on the guys there to abandon ship now, so we realistically have three weeks, it'd be nice to get a couple of rounds done pre-new year then restart in January
  19. Dan Fisk

    Dan Fisk Bernie and Ferrari Team Principal Staff Member Owner of XRL

    Can't there be a F1 and a PCARS league? @jondigweed is moving to PS4 to help.
  20. sswishbone

    sswishbone F1 2016 PS4 League Co-ordinator

    For the future we can, but there is only two races left of GT3 so using those weekends to recruit and start after the season is over makes sense. It is like how World Endurance Championship and Formula E have caused issues by clashing, want to avert that where possible.

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