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XB1 F1 Social Race 10/09/17 Japan 50%

Discussion in 'XRL F1 2017 Community Events' started by PureHamiltonXD, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    Another pre-season social race for XRL sign ups. Signs are that the latest patch will be out by this date so hopefully, we can see some progress on the multiplayer side of things.

    Lobby Settings:
    Lobby opens: 7:45
    Session Starts: 8:00

    Qualifying: Short
    Distance: 50%
    Cars: Equal
    Weather: Dynamic
    Safety Car/Virtual SC: Off
    Formation Lap: Off
    Damage: Reduced (For Social's Only)
    Corner Cutting Rules: Strict
    Time of Day: Official
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  2. Crazyfish1234

    Crazyfish1234 F1 2014 Season 10 League Co-ordinator/Head Steward Staff Member Head Steward F1

  3. Glazed

    Glazed New Member

  4. Anonanomaly

    Anonanomaly New Member

  5. garyalbone

    garyalbone Division Head Division Head

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