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XB1 F1 TESTING 20/09

Discussion in 'XRL F1 2017 Leagues (XONE)' started by PureHamiltonXD, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    So it's that time, which is testing which will be done over three days.
    You old boys will know how this works, but for the new boys, there will be 3 tracks them being Australia, Silverstone & Japan you do qualify then the first 10 Laps of a 100% race on the softest tire in Rich (DO NOT CHANGE YOUR FUEL LOAD)

    Session's Start at 7:00 pm

    Put your name below
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  2. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

  3. The Game IX

    The Game IX Member

    I'm up for Wednesday
  4. whitey2924

    whitey2924 New Member

    can i do wednesday please as somethink has come up on tuesday cheers
  5. m4cc13

    m4cc13 New Member

    I'd be up for tonight, if there's still space, with a caveat that if I get disconnected [as my internet has turned to pre dial up for some reason] then I can join a later session , if that's OK ?
  6. speed demon8021

    speed demon8021 Active Member

    I'm gonna do this one instead
  7. Anonanomaly

    Anonanomaly New Member

    Anonanimal54, having to change because of work shafting me but I can race on the 13th :)
  8. PureHamiltonXD

    PureHamiltonXD F1 League Coordinator F1 League Co-ordinator

    we have decided to delay testing 1 week so it will now take place on the 20th
  9. CRT Malta

    CRT Malta New Member

  10. Dazza1976

    Dazza1976 Active Member

    Ok fingers crossed work is ok today and I get home in time. If not I'll have to give up on weekday racing

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